kibano Digireader

The digireader is a 6” eINK eReader which is one of the most user friendly eReaders on the market. Why? The digireader comes with a simple touch based interface and with the following features:


1. A preloaded online shop for easy purchase of eBooks which you download directly on to the digireader (WiFi).

2. Support for menca digicard. This is a preloaded e-Book or audio book card which you can buy in a normal retail store and is easily placed on the backside of the digireader. You start reading or listening by one touch on the display.

3. Menca apps for easy reading and purchase on market leading tablets and smartphones.

4. Menca cloud service for easy upload and download. All your content is syncronized and can be read on all of your devices (eReader, tablet, smartphone etc).

5. Local and International content for direct purchase and download.




Digireader in short:

• Touch based 6” E-Ink display
• Preloaded online shop
• Menca card support (eBook and audio support)
• Memory 4GB (approx. 3000 eBooks)
• Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, USB.2.0, microSD card,
• Bookmark function
• Write notes and highlight sections in the book
• Speaker
• 3,5mm audio jack
• Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery (8000 pages or approx
  one month without wifi)
• Accessories: AC adapter, USB cable, manual
• Weight: 200g







User interface

The user interface is simple in black/white on the E-Ink display.


The interface is made as simple and minimalistic as possible to make this a product for everyone. The digireader’s display is touch-based and most interactions are done on the display itself by just pushing the icons. The main physical buttons are On/Off, Homescreen, Back, Menu and Volume up/down.

The User

The ideal was to create a product for people that like stories. And most people do; old, young, big handed, blind, smart and slow. For this reason should the product be simple to use for ALL, not just modern computer savvy people.

We have worked with interaction and graphical user interface, size, ergonomics, buttons, in order to make the experience as simple as opening a book. And switching between books should be the easiest thing in the world, and so it has become.